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"And I know it seems easy" said Piglet to himself, "but it isn't every one who could do it"

A.A. Milne. The House at Pooh Corner (1928).

My old background gif (RIP) after overhearing an existential rumour about a third dimension discovered Rothko, had a crisis of confidence and performed an unspeakable ancient Japanese ritual upon itself from both here and at my UK site at

Last updated 21st April '97.


The internet's must extensive listing as far as I'm aware, of music related royalty collection agencies.
New 2nd October 1996

Loads of Links

Mac Links and More!
Ninety links. More added daily.
Must buy a new computer so it can be obsolete in time for Christmas

Another rather fine online Knopfler resource. All things movies.


A resource page for all things related to news, newspapers and news related magazines online.


Hippy dippy guide to contentment
A page of theraputic bumph that "talks in voices" only to mac users


Another fine resource page for all things related to F-Links. Now that's got you curious admit it


The Bluffer's Guide to Rock
Book from the excellent Bluffer's Guides series. £2.50 at any UK book shop, or mail order from The Book People Tel: 01925 235333 - or herefor online ordering in the US

Short Articles

Short Articles
Virtual David, Ten dumb things you'll do with your computer sooner or later plus other assorted articles.


My Discography including a couple of Dire Straits albums. (Incidentally if Dire Straits is your main reason for visiting please feel free to check out my Dire Straits FAQ).

My CDs for sale!

My CDs for sale!
Now for sale online on my own label using SET (secure electronic transfer).


Plus reviews, (for which incidently I'm immensely grateful and would like to take this opportunity to thank all those responsible)


Under permanent deconstruction.
This is where little Yetniks like to visit to see if Santa or the fairies have been. Short article. There is also a mystery in my life

More stuff

House of Quotes
Hall of fame, Staggering facts and lots more

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Coming soon to a terminal near you . . . . or not


The Mythic website more elusive than it's namesake


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